PES has a history of involvement in the aviation sector due to a historic relationship with the Belize Airports Authority and the more recent Belize Airport Concession Company.

Supervising the construction of the Western taxiway at Goldson International Airport

Casting PQ grade concrete to form the expanded airport parking apron

First Boeing 747 to land on the extended runway at the Goldson International Airport

Rigid Pavement

PES has designed rigid pavement areas for aircraft parking and taxiways at the Goldson International Airport in "PQ" grade concrete on a lean concrete base. Designs were based on the FAA design method.

Flexible Pavement

PES has designed flexible pavement based on the use of Marshal Asphalt layers over cement treated base. This was laid as the extension to the international airport runway which was constructed using a local contractor.

Municipal Airstrips

PES has designed and supervised construction of improvements to airstrips in San Pedro and Corozal used by local carriers as well as designed paved runways for private development projects.

Obstacle surveys

In line with I.C.A.O. requirements, PES has performed airport obstacle surveys and produced the required mapping documents.